Due to our REUNION of the Band in 2013, after so many years....

We Welcome you to the Official website of the famous Greek Electronic POP Band of 80's - 90's










































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Or click HERE to listen our European HIT of 80's. Title of the song: "MAYBE"


Due to our band’s reunion, we are amid the Mad Joy” and we gift you some small samples from our music experience, our old and new songs, 1986-2013. Included and non included in our music records. The audio file is in format .wma.

Contains current and new songs. To some, we have not record the vocals yet. Nearly half of those, are from our old Live performances from abroad, because Greece…. still continues to eat its children, so do not expect the sound quality. Those years we had only tape machines if we would to record anything.


Ahhmmm…. Maybe you’ll hear some little faults there, but I think there is nobody to play Drums and singing at the same time and do not make a little mistake. Fortunately did not catch so the ear.

You’ll get tired of listening. All together they would not listen never climb back out, 9 out of 10 songs knows only the foreigners who they were at our gigs in 1992 abroad. This music file is dedicated to all our friends here and abroad.


Dedicated to our FANS who they did not stopped to remember us.


WE ARE BACK !!!!!!


John Fragoulis (Johnny Stax). – Nikitas Avgoulis. – Jim Koskinas. – Panos Kyriazopoulos.












Our beloved music of 80's.

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