Due to our REUNION of the Band in 2013, after so many years....

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Our beloved music of 80's.

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Are you from Philippines or South Korea ???

Do you want to have your own song and you write lyrics?


Send us your lyrics in English, without syntax errors, after their registrations somewhere, somehow. We do not risk to accept unregistered lyrics from anyone.


If you have in your mind any melody that you want we build your song on it, send it to our email in MP3 file, even…. whistling it.

And also inform us in what tone you want to be your song.

The rest of the music work, just leave it to us.


If you have a good voice and good stage presence, be sure that your song will be on the Top of your country or outside of it.

This and only this is the key element to your success and you must use it well. Your GOOD voice. Do you have it???



If however you have some lyrics with too much good sense, lyrics to teach human's feelings, lyrics with “Juice and not just only simple lyrics, and you want to give it to our own musical group, is welcome.


We will read your lyrics and if we shall choose it, you will be informed.


Payment for lyrics but from others that will join us on our disk, will be only after the release of the album and not before.

But first you should have to inform us how much is the price that you want for your lyrics. Maybe we can to prepay it.



And remember: We do not write songs just to write songs.

We write songs just for winners.





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