Due to our REUNION of the Band in 2013, after so many years....
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Here is our song *MAYBE* from the 80's. If you remember, these years we had not videocameras or photocameras and the artists pay from their own pocket almost all of the expenses.
That's why we have not to offer you many photos. The owners of the old music magazines they have all our photo stuff but they are not interested to search about it. But we do not care, we are still alive, we play music and music is the photograph of the soul.
And you have to know, we have a very strong but soft soul. We love you all.
And this web site it is made just for a gift to our old Fans of 80's who they gave to us their affection.
is the title of the song of this own made video. It includes some Funky style of music, some soft Rap, Electronic POP and disco of 90's. Noone is bored listening that song. And if you watch the lyrics, they have something very deep to say to you.
Take your dark times of your life, make it a song and suddenly you;ll see a shining-bright daybreak. Dont' take interest to the terribles of your soul.
It's a world... through your mind's world.
"I'm So Tired"
is the title of the song of this video.
This time the lyrics are not of a member of CAMOUFLAGE band, but from a very good friend of Finland.
Her name: Tuula Makela.
A very warm heart from a very cold land. She was a great teacher for my life, even if she was smaller in age than mine.
From July 1995 i lose her signs, still feeling worry about her.
I hope she is still alive.
This video is from a Greek movie, from
August 1987. Title of the movie:
"The Lawsuits Loser".
Title of the song: "Dj's Life".
I am on drums. Dj Palmer & Aris Thomas  in vocals and Tolis Vasiliadis in keyboards. This is the only one video that i have of my years of 80's.
And believe me, I WANT TO KILL the motherfucker who lose all the videos of our band, even the first videos from our first gigs with thousand of people in the stadiums. We feel very empty as a band without these videos and also photos that this idiot man loses. I don't want to say his name, but i will sure write it on his tomb. I hope soon.
is the title of this song, of my very beloved and personal "Nine Muses" of my life. I owe to them so many.

I re-Remixed this song in 27 January 2012 in my studio, to clear the vocals and also i have put double vocals of the same girls.
I did this song as exactly it "spokes" in my soul. I have put more Equalizer and reverb and a bit of Exciter in effects.
I hope you like it.
THIS is exactly my style of slow songs.
CAMOUFLAGE band. Official Web Site
CAMOUFLAGE band. Official Web Site
CAMOUFLAGE band. Official Web Site
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is the title of the song of us that you'll watch only a small part of it to this video.
Now in 2013 we have remake it, but this time it will be with a classic orchestra. Here in the video we just play it without any classic orchestra, only the members of our band. And i think even like that, we are sound nice. It is not a song, it is "THE" song !!!
Here is from the gig, so it not sounds so well.
It was recorded in a tape machine.

One of the well known songs of Carpenters, recomposed by
John Fragoulis. The vocalist of this song is a Filipina new singer,
Marife Borda, who she is living in Greece.
November 2013.